We specialize in assisting small trucking businesses with a fleet of one or two trucks in locating the greatest freight load pay available. Our dispatchers bargain for the best prices and let you know what trucking solutions are available to you. The final decision rests with you. We keep your trucks moving around the clock, 365 days a year.


Booking Loads

We conduct thorough checks before reserving it to ensure that we are always prepared for any potential load. These checks include verifying that the shipment's weight adheres to all relevant regulations. We also ensure that we have the appropriate tools and sufficient legal driving hours for pickup and delivery in compliance with ELD regulations. Lastly, we meticulously familiarize ourselves with all specifications of the load to ensure that all requirements are met.


Factoring Correspondence Carrier

When you cooperate with our company, we take care of your factoring partner, allowing you to focus on other things. We send the BOL (Bill of Lading) and rate conversion to the factoring business as soon as you deliver the loads and send them to us. The money is typically wired directly to your accounts as a result within a 24-hour period.


24/7 Customer Support

Edge Rise Dispatch operates around the clock to provide a prompt response to all of your likely needs. Our support team will be sent out right away in the event of an emergency or unforeseen circumstance. Our support crew has everything you would require, including towing services and paramedics. Our staff will notify your shipper or broker of the little change in your plans while you are attending to your personal affairs to prevent any harm to your reputation in your professional network.


Carrier Packets and Confirmation

We work to secure a load as soon as we find one that satisfies your needs by participating in rate confirmation with the broker. However, we set up your carrier packet to ensure that you are ready to go if you do not have an underlying agreement with the broker.

eyeglasses on map
eyeglasses on map


Route Optimization

Your time and money are both valuable to us. In order to avoid having to make any unneeded detours, our logistics support officer takes sure to optimise the optimum route for your driver.

100 US dollar banknote
100 US dollar banknote


Dentention and Layover

We provide reimbursement in the event of an unusually long layover or delay to make up for your lost time.

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